Friday, August 31, 2007

Nobody is Cleaning Our Cage

Our planet is toxic. It gets more toxic every day. The problem is the "rats in a cage" problem; too many rats, so the cage WILL get messy. Sadly, nobody cleans the cage. Cleaning the cage is hard to do when Earth is the cage; it isn't easy dumping "rat droppings" into interstellar space.

The reason we have a toxic planet is that we CHOOSE growth and consumption over having a "clean cage" that is better to live in. The ZPG (Zero Population Growth) movement was on the case, but they don't make much noise these days; tired of pushing a rope uphill, I guess. Unless YOU know a good way to get people to stop having lots of babies, driving lots of miles, burning lots of oil and filling lots of trash cans, a dirty cage life is in your future, and mine. Ozone, unstable radionuclides, avian influenza, clorodane and angry people with toxins, pathogens or explosives are here for the long haul. Shaking our fists at big bad industry, big bad government or mindless polluters won't fix the problem. If we are to survive and protect ourselves, we need to learn how to live in a "dirty cage" toxic world and that means avoiding contamination and damage.

I appreciate your ideas about surviving on this toxic planet. I will share mine regularly.

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