Sunday, September 9, 2007

Beware of the Bugs That Love You- Insect Borne Diseases

Especially, the ones that find you tasty. You are great food for ticks, mosquitos, lice, fleas and some other bugs that can cause real trouble. It's not the blood they take; you can probably spare it. Rather it's the little gifts they leave... gifts like lyme disease, encephalitis, west nile virus, plague, dengue fever, and others that can leave you ill, weak, disabled or dead. A list of these diseases carried by insects, arthropods and their relatives is available from the CDC. The bottom line is... dangerous as repellants, insecticides and similar toxins are, the little creatures they are designed to control are also very hazardous to your health - hazardous enough that millions of people die every year due to infection from their bites.

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