Friday, September 7, 2007

Have Some Toxic Mineral Water?

Don't drink it from a can or a metal canteen, or you'll get a dose. I'm not talking about heavy metals, but about Aluminum, the third most prevalent element in the earths crust - and very toxic. When you go to the wilderness to escape from the toxins of civilization, you won't make much progress if you pack an aluminum mess kit, aluminum canteen or aluminum cans of soda or food. Check out this discussion of the neurotoxicity, bone disease and other toxic damage related to Aluminum: Al = Aluminum - a Toxic Element

I consumed too much of this stuff when I cooked in it, stored in foil and drank from aluminum cans. A former FDA director and proponent of Pure Food Law promoted eliminating it from the food supply, but it is exempted from testing by law, due to classification as GRAS (Generally Accepted As Safe). That's why the FDA applies no restrictions and requires no testing. Given how common it is in our natural and commercial environment, aluminum may be the most difficult toxic material to avoid.

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